Today we opened up a 2017 Topps Silver pack.  The Silver packs comes with some hobby boxes from the Topps Series 1 & 2 boxes. They feature 4 cards in the 2017 Topps Chrome Continuity Series.  They are great cards! Today we were lucky enough to pull a Babe Ruth Refractor Orange serial numbered to 99!  The series has 100 cards all in the 1987 Topps design with a unique refractor look and parallels in Green, Blue, Orange, Gold, Red, and Black.

2017 Topps Silver Pack

This Chrome set has some big autograph possibilities.  21 total players with numbered autographs. The big name possibilities include Kris Bryant, Mike Trout, Clayton Kershaw, Aaron Judge, and my favorite rookie Red Sox Andrew Benintendi.

No Aaron Judge rookie autograph for us but we did get this pretty sweet Babe Ruth orange refractor serial numbered to 99…

Babe Ruth Refractor

It was a nice pack break.  Here is everything we pulled…

2017 Topps Silver Baseball

The Babe Ruth Refractor is selling for between $7 and $25 on ebay right now and was definitely the star of this pack break!

Carlos Correa Topps Baseball Card

I am a big Correa fan so I was happy to see him in the pack as well!

Roberto Clemente Baseball Card

2017 Topps Chrome Silver Pack Roberto Clemente

Justin Verlander 2017 Topps Baseball Card2017 Topps Chrome Silver Pack Justin Verlander

All and all a fun pack to open with very cool cards.  Baseball cards of the Month Club subscribers will probably be seeing these come across our Facebook page as Dibs very soon!

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