We broke open a 2016 Donruss Baseball cards retail pack today and were pleasantly surprised with some cool cards.  The 2016 Donruss Baseball card set has 150 base cards and comes with a bunch of inserts such as- The Rookies, Rated Rookies, 1982 Variation, Power Alley, Stat Lines, Elite Dominators, Diamond Kings, The Prospects, Pink Borders, Green Parallels, Test Proof, Studio, Masters of the Game, Material Gold Relics, and Signature Autographs.

2016 Donruss Baseball

Here is what we pulled from the 2016 Donruss Baseball pack

Cal Ripken Jr Donruss Baseball

Cal Ripken Jr base card.  Always happy to see him.  He was my most collected player that wasn’t in a Red Sox uniform as a kid.  I still have a box full of just his cards from the 80’s and 90’s but I have never owned any of his 1982 Rookie Cards.

Luis Severino Rookie Card

Next up was a Luis Severino Studio insert Rookie Card.  Nice rookie card to pull of a guy having a great season and being selected to the All Star team in his second year.

Kevin Pillar Baseball Card

Kevin Pillar base card.

Ken Griffey Jr Donruss Baseball Card

Then we pulled a Ken Griffey Jr 1982 Variation Donruss  card.  It has been a pretty lucky week for Ken Griffey Jr pulls.  I pulled one of his rookie cards from a vintage pack earlier this week.  These throwback designs are my favorite cards in the Donruss Baseball series.

Mike Trout Donruss Baseball Card

Next up was a Mike Trout base card.  Always happy to have as many of his cards as possible.  Very excited to see him get back to playing in the next few weeks.

Kyle Schwarber Rookie CardLast up a 2016 Donruss Baseball Kyle Schwarber The Rookies card.  This is a nice looking card and I have a soft spot for Schwarber.  His World Series performance coming back was one of those great baseball moments you don’t forget and with my 4 year high school baseball catching career I feel somewhat connected to all catchers!

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