2017 Topps Bunt Physical Card Set

Every year, this leading company of baseball cards releases new sets that collectors just have to have. 2017 is no different. If you are interested in learning more about this particular box set or general knowledge about this brand’s offering, continue reading on to find out more about the Topps Bunt and Baseball cards.

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0356

Basic Set Info

When you order this specific set of baseball cards, you are getting more than just the usual physical cards. You also get an app for your smartphone that you can unlock cards for when you purchase this item. The base set comes with around 200 cards along with each card having 10 different parallels. What is very interesting about the packs is that when you unlock codes for cards on the app, you can be entered into win autographed sets of cards or autographed individual cards. This is a great thing for those collectors who want to get the most out of their baseball cards. There are also inserts that you can find with this set. These are very stylized with high definition and just add to the aesthetic of the set.

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0358

2017 Topps Bunt Set in Photos – Starting with #1 Mr. Clayton Kershaw.  Yoan Moncada Rookie card & Mike Trout

Collectible Players in Set

Yoan Moncada Rookie Card

Yoan Moncada Rookie Card

There are a few players that you can get a chance for an autographed card in the set, making them the rarest options in the set. These players are:

  • Bryce Harper
  • Carlos Correa
  • Corey Seager
  • Adam Jones
  • Freddie Freeman
  • Chris Sale
  • Kenta Maeda
  • Nolan Arenado
  • Dansby Swanson
  • Jose Altuve
  • Yulieski Gurriel
  • George Springer
  • Aledmys Diaz
  • Dellin Betances
  • Alex Reyes
  • Steven Matz
  • Trea Turner
  • Aaron Judge
  • Tyler Glasnow
  • Andrew Benintendi

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0359

Andrew Benintendi Rookie Card 

History of Set

In 2016, this previously digital only set of cards began being sold with a physical copy of each of these cards. This first set uses some of the most popular of the inserts from the app as well as offering new designs other loot cards which offer collectors the opportunity to find digital copies on the app. Collectors will love the fact that this set integrates the BUNT app and physical cards in such an innovative way. This is because you can get a chance to get exclusive digital cards that you will not be able to find anywhere else. You will find that this has only gotten even better in this latest addition. Expect well-designed cards but remember that the autographed cards are very rare and only the luckiest of consumers can get it.

If you are looking for a great option for baseball cards for yourself or a collector in your life, these could be exactly what you are looking for. Best of all, these cards are as affordable as the digital versions that have come before the 2017 editions. Purchasing these can be a perfect gift or an incredible addition to your own collection. You are able to purchase the 2017 Topps Bunt Physical card set pretty much anywhere from the top department stores, hobby shops, and online. This is a great investment for your baseball card collection.

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0360

Aaron Judge Rookie Card & Bryce Harper

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0361

Kris Bryant 2017 Topps Bunt Card in this group along with Mookie Betts

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0362

Nice grouping of Red Sox & Cubbies

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0363

Manny Margot Rookie Card

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0364

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0366

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0367

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0368

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0369

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0370

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0371

Manny Machado & Anthony Rizzo

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0372

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0373

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0374

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0375

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0376

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0377

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0378

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0379

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0380

Topps Bunt Baseball Cards-0381

2017 Topps Bunt Baseball Card Collector Set in Photos

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