Today we opened up a 2013 Pinnacle Hobby pack.  For an inexpensive baseball card box and set I really like these cards.  This series has some cool rookies like Manny Machado, Jose Fernandez, and Gerrit Cole.  2013 Pinnacle line is a 200 card base set with lots of inserts and the chance for a Machado rookie autograph.

2013 Baseball Cards-9105

I wasn’t lucky enough to get a Machado autograph but I did still get one.  Scott Diamond autograph

Scott Diamond Autograph Card

Also pulled a cool Stephen Strasburg Team Pinnacle insert card

Stephen Strasburg Baseball Card

Other highlights for me as a Red Sox fan was the Jackie Bradley Jr Rookie card and of course I love anything that says Mike Trout on it.  Here is everything I pulled from pack…

2013 Pinnacle Baseball Cards

Thanks for reading and good luck with your pack breaks!


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