I thought a trip down memory lane would be fun and opening a 1989 Donruss Wax pack was the route I was taking. I still have boxes full of these card from childhood, most still bent and beat up, but I have never been able to toss them away.  I got as lucky as you possibly can opening one of these pack and pulled a Ken Griffey Jr Rookie card.  

Ken Griffey Jr Rookie Card

I will say this is probably my least favorite of all his rookie cards but it still brought back that great feeling.  Everyone that had one of these as a child KNEW they would one day be rich!  He was our generation’s Mickey Mantle.  We didn’t know much about value & economics as kids and still pretty far from rich with a handful of these cards, but it was fun anyway!

Here is everything I got in the 1989 Donruss pack…

1989 Donruss Baseball Card


What is your favorite Ken Griffey Jr Rookie Card?

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